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vapour trails
release date: 03-2009 (online only)
online since: 03-2009
downloads: 0

some sunny day/knockout (double a)
release date: 01-2009 (online only)
online since: 01-2009
downloads: 1706

the prisoner ("a blank")

release date: n/a (planned date: 12-2004)
online since: 01-2006
downloads: 13652

22nd century
release date: n/a (planned date: 05-2003)
online since: 05-2003 (01-2005)
downloads: 16149

out there (the loveless europeans)
release date: 07-2002
online since: 10-2002 (01-2005)
downloads: 38605

release date: 02-1999
online since: 01-2006
downloads: 29124

we believe in nothing
release date: n/a (planned date: 11-1997)
online since: 10-2002 (01-2006)
downloads: 18676

75 poem
release date: n/a (planned date: 09-1997)
online since: 01-2006

atlantic waves
release date: 07-1997
online since: 01-2006
downloads: 26896

urban happiness revisited
release date: 05-1997
online since: 10-2002 (01-2006)
downloads: 6123