the rivolta singles: "some sunny day"/"knockout" (double a)


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a1 - some sunny day download

a2 - knockout download

b1 - x is useless download

b2 - SDN download

recorded at the dead city radio mansion 2005-2008
produced and mixed by rivolta
a1 mixed by vale
design and images by eyerhyme inc.
photography sailer

"I am gonna be with the gang tonight" Dee Dee Ramone

originally issued: 15-05-2007 (as dead city radio)
reissued: 01-01-2009
lyrics & music a1, a2, b1 by sailer, b2 by wompl

online since: 05-2007
hardcopy: (not available)

downloads (up to february 28th, 2009):
a1: 460
a2: 448
b1: 419
b2: 379