the dead city radio singles: "22nd century"


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a1 - 22nd century download

b1 - messiah download

b2 - (come) slide with me download

b3 - smalltown superstars download

recorded at the dead city radio mansion
produced and mixed by tall vale
design and images by eyerhyme inc.
photography sailer

"dear diary, each day i die" anäis nin

originally issued: n/a (should have been released 05-2003, but wasn't)
(come) slide with me originally released on "the smart club" compilation
music by dead city radio
lyrics by sailer
online since: 05-2003 (a-side), 01-2006 (b-sides)
hardcopy: rivolta musica rm06 (not available)

downloads (up to february 28th, 2009):
a1: 5344
b1: 5745
b2: 1591
b3: 3283

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