the dead city radio singles: "out there (the loveless europeans)"


(click on the picture to see bigger sleeve artwork)

a1 - out there (the loveless europeans) download

b1 - living in empty houses download

b2 - i just wait download

b3 - unknown heroes download

b4 - black parrots (demo) download

recorded at the dead city radio mansion
produced and mixed by tall vale
design and images by eyerhyme inc.
photography sailer

"by artificial light the colours were lurid and unconvincing, as though the flowers had been made of bright paper and gleaming" michel foucault

originally issued: 07-2002
music by dead city radio
lyrics by sailer
online since: 10-2002 (a-side), 01-2006 (b-sides)
hardcopy: rivolta musica rm05 (promo and fan edition only, some copies with different tracklisting, no longer available)

downloads (up to february 28th, 2009):
a1: 18181
b1: 3068
b2: 3795
b3: 1053
b4: 5163

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