the dead city radio singles: "75 poem"


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a1 - 75 poem download

b1 - blast off backwards download

b2 - offensive (meaning! meaning!) download

b3 - i just don't know what to do with myself these days download

recorded at the dead city radio mansion
produced and mixed by tall vale
design and images by eyerhyme inc.
photography sailer

"i like work. it fascinates me. i can sit and look at it for hours!" jerome k. jerome

originally issued: n/a (should have been released 09-1997, but wasn't)
music by dead city radio
lyrics by sailer
online since: 01-2006
hardcopy: IHM 03 (not available)

downloads (up to february 28th, 2009):
a1: 5212
b1: 3422
b2: 1261
b3: 16475

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