the new album "everything is so beautiful" will be released in the fourth week of november, 2002. well, hopefully.

it features 13 songs, which is just as much as the first album did. all of them were recorded at the dead city radio mansion over the course of almost four and a half years, starting in early 1998. the reason it took so long is that the band lost interest several times, and the music industry couldn't be interested at all.

the album was produced by tall vale with assistance from michael sailer, who produced dcr's version of "heroes" all on his own (on a two-track walkman recorder he usually uses for interviews). some guitars were played by ora, some by ollei, the rest by sailer. coco sings one line, and there are several people talking whose identity will remain obscure.

among the songs are four tracks from the "utopia" EP, which is sold out completely and will not be reprinted. those who own the EP can prove that its title track is not 9/11-related. "crash (unconscious)" contains the lines "waving like forgotten aeroplanes/fall from the windows/and we crash", but it was also written and recorded long before the event some people think it mentions. the same has to be said about "abandoned on the expressway". you better don't try and look up more coincidences, for even the ones you might find are only half as interesting as the things the lyrics are in reality trying to say (as usual).

you may subscribe to the first edition of the album now (which is limited and, more important: rather cheap, as it goes for 10 euros including postage inside germany; ask for details for the rest of the world). and before you subscribe, you can listen to selected tracks here.

subscribe: here