the dead city radio lyrics archive

note: this archive contains the lyrics to every song dead city radio have ever written and played (or: will contain). this does not mean that all of these songs have been recorded or released (yet). some will probably never be released. you'll find more details and notes to every song (possibly on separate pages) in the future (this will take some time!). the songs appear in alphabetical order. cover versions are not included here as we are not sure about the copyrights. (notes written by sailer)


A Naked Man's Dream

There was a girl who lived by the sea she used to get up after sunset walked in the mist where the sky melts into the sea I watched her from my window collecting the shells washed up on the beach polished them with purple dentifrice she wore a black dress that left a trace in the sand sometimes we danced shining so bright I followed her footsteps walking in dreams wearing myself she fell to her knees and we painted a future face with shady eyes sometimes we danced shining so bright Then we dy in a wide awake so bright untamable gloryless thugs of the night We're so real tonight out in the city it's a carnival Wearing the mask of sarcasm we sit back and watch our faces get grey waving the flag to salute a life that's never been tinted with glitter we go sliding alongside the nothingness broder sometimes we tumble ripples in time then we die in a wide awake so bright we die in a wide awake so bright untameable heroes of the night
(was included on "burn future burn we love your face" as a last minute recording, so the lyrics were made up on the spot)

Abandoned On The Expressway

Here is our favourite song Weíre alone but we are strong Although we live in deserted cities We never talk we never speak The weather changes outside But we donít mind Here is our favourite song We are lost but we are strong Although we never knew our parents We never leave the house these days TV vision blurs the world But we donít mind Nothing ever matters to you Nothing ever matters to me Weíre living like crashed limousines Abandoned on the expressway Here is our favourite song We know nowhere we belong Although we never had a future Time still passes and we slide Along the waves of slow forgetting But we donít mind Still she dreams of planes to carry her away Wipe out the sky to fall upwards
(a late addition to "everything is so beautiful", was raised from a session by wompl and sailer, based upon three or four layers of bass guitar; the title phrase is taken from a blondie track)


Like a rose of black chrome sleep bears your soul tired black horses chase doves of doom twilight fades as night's reign begins put on your coat of love that doesn't suit you it hides your wounds while the past unfolds don't run away they won't call to alarm you your heroes of light behind stain-glass windows they hide in fright of their own shadows at night Drive on through the great black nowhere shattered and torn lies your American dream You hide in the ruins of a bomb-battered vision that dies in pain only a stone-throw away have you seen the million-soul army of freaks your denied children on their way nowhere They frighten you set you up love you and lose you if we're being honest it's only a masquerade Dancing flames that don't burn you a rainbow of thoughts sparkling in numberless colours awake! they cry in a choir
(initially recorded for "burn future burn", but left off because it sounded too rock'n'roll, remains unreleased)

Atlantic Waves

Maybe we're too weak to destroy reagent scoria of youth we need more pain to come alive throw in your coin to make us move insurgent voices on parade we hate you more than you hate us mock-heroic western fake sinking corpseless in your fuss When there's nothing to see there is nowhere to be sleeping torpidity when there's nothing alive it's so easy to dive it's so easy to dive in Atlantic waves Advertising central laws - world a scene that's slipping by people people reach out claws for goods and dreams they'll never buy your patrimony smells like death falling down like acid rain in the universal fall we're too weak alluring bane When there's nothing to see there is nowhere to be dying lucidity I will sleep in your arm until the final alarm what a ravishing end drown in Atlantic waves
(from the second bunch of songs dcr ever did (the original plan behind it was an album on which all the songs should have been named after record companies); recorded for the second of four planned ep's in 1996 (of which only two were made) and also on "burn future burn")

Below Your City Your City Below

Yeah here they come in utopian drag Whimsical and utmost strange Urbanized to a facial expression Bombs on legs steering at range Neatly covered image screens Laughing at the void inside Neuter sex interior Equanimity in stride Plumous cats intangible Interfuse to not collide Melting into silent screens A countermark to every side Below your city your city below What a great sight for the tourist eye Below your city your city below Whenever feeling get too real We blow them up in coloured light Dying so elegantly a glooming facade Glittering and shivering the motionless glide Rockets in a silent orbit so remote Laughing at the void inside Below your city your city below What a great sight for pedestrians Memory never offers any slice of forgiveness Your melting screen smile pose dead and gone Shining so bright so bright so blue Below your city your city below
(lyrics made up from vast and diverse notes, recorded for "utopia" ep, same version on "everything is so beautiful")

Blast Off Backward

Slowly sipping waves exhaustion reach for me figures faces masquerade nothing I wanna see friend foe loneliness a planet my own head dip inside bright colours imagine I was dead I don't wanna be a part of anything give me my own vision thing low-noise correction mainstream suck-blood technology way out way out too far intensity cherub women walk by in their summer clothes flash a media blitz and rise up where the power sits I don't wanna be a part of any scene just another useless image sloppy smithereens suburban creatures in a mist of cold regret and I don't wanna live like that
(probably the first ever dcr song, as it was written well before dcr, played by the comics several times but rejected for being too long and complicated; the slimmed down and recorded for "burn future burn" very early (that's why it sounds so raw))

Cloud Bursting

All I see is all I've ever seen woven or unravelled thread by thread before me a thought that once has been that just lingers on inside my head moulting eyes give foresight to the blind what's inside then remains unaware obfuscates the past that's left behind flashes flawing heaven lead me there This is something I don't see and it means a lot to me riding on the purple train driver outward bound for nowhere fast seek the perfect number that is one the curtain falls and gently hits the cast it will be done Cold tends to be uniform the morgue lies silent in the morn everything is very late unforgiveness floats my mind novelty is hard to find so I just sit back and wait
(very strange and completely unusual track, only played on one occasion and immediately recorded for the "atlantic waves" ep)

(Come) Slide With Me

Never involved in your communication technology never cast a shadow on your environment ethnology down the hills no bunkers no sun not my country in deserted streets we wait for the night call when you all come slide with me Electric eyes watch the scene and broadcast it overseas a billion people taking part in a tragedy that's only you and me slide with me slide with me slide with me slide with me future landscape dark boots marching through death city liquid sky keeps changing seasons not for anyone to see tidy mind in worn-out skin who cares life & death mercenary remind me of anything I have no will to be just blow away and slide with me slide with me slide with me slide with me Stumble on stumble on through the days celebrate your home of the brave that's only to be touched by a shrapnel bleed out and die for me die with me die with me die with me die with me last call for inhabitants drop everything forget your name and flee communication breakdown in a state of emergency
(the first "real" dcr song; recorded for the initial version of the first album (then provisionally titled "let's pretend we're there") which was never completed; remixed for inclusion on marc liebschers compilation "the smart club")

Crash (Unconscious)

As we walk - Wooden halls Step in dust - Annie talks On the phone - Thinks she's alone Looks out the window - Right in the face And reflects back As we move together And we crash As we walk we don't remember Falling leaves resounding streets Memories washed away Looks out the window reflect back As we move together And we crash We see ourselves in bright reflections On the shelves in laughing action Then we drown in sweet despair Put ourselves here on our knees Waiting for tonight to leave As we fade into nowhere As the ridiculous world is whirling by Waving like forgotten aeroplanes Fall from the windows And we crash Fall from our lives Out of everything And we crash
(the first song recorded for "everything is so beautiful", one of two tracks from a session that was, to say the least, rather influenced by suede and bernard butler's guitar style (an influence that didn't last, of course); there's an entire version with coco's vocals on it, but she only did it for practising, so we only used one line)

Electric City

You look so weak don't believe in us mirrorface stay myself tonight Whizz kid masquerade sharp eyes don't see nothing Razors and pills carnage carnation leave me your eyes I'll keep them as mine signals voices mirrors destroy this turn back turn back nothing left whizz kid masquerade sharp eyes don't see nothing buried treasure bloodstock maze in squares we tangle sleep to burn
(or was this one the first dcr song? the first recorded version was included on the "urban happiness revisited" ep and featured an original 60s vacuum cleaner; the second, more "modern" version was included on "burn future burn")

Everything Is So Beautiful

There's a bird by the window singing out a tune i know suffocating days are over and the cars are full of streets and everything is so beautiful people look like sleeping cats and the trees turn green for christmas and the girls wear wooden hats and the river's all dried up and everything is so beautiful laughing all the way to here we become the atmosphere i inhale her presence to be a part of all that too and everything is so beautiful
(title track and last minute addition to the second album, written and recorded on the spot, mixing up quotes from siouxsie & the banshees and german punk pioneers haß; olleis guitar was added much later when vale had decided his bass guitar had to be replaced; the lyrics were written on the bus to the studio and don't mean anything)

I Didn't Know

Hold me just a minute kiss me once before you go I wanna know I wanna know I really need to know was it once before you came was it twice before you left was it all just lean illusion is that all I gotta have did you grow above illusion did you want me for your dog hoping not to let it end I won't let it grow true fat swiney swimming (swinging?) on his high knee I didn't know I pick up phones and no one answers I walk a line and see no end a thousand thoughts rotate in my head still I got no memory of the time I spent I open books that remain unread they tell me stories I don't understand I tumble in circles spiral downward suffocating memories I just can't vent try to walk strong with broken legs fling out at everything I see change opinions without purpose laugh at a face that's only me I stare at faces I don't remember should call up something still they don't I wait in silence while time ticks by should find a way and know I won't I didn't know I swear I didn't know
(written around a line from an old song by the who (can't remember which one, it was on "quadrophenia" i think), based on a chord progression that some people linked back to the pixies; recorded for ep "urban happiness", also included on "burn future burn" and an early stage favourite)

I Just Don't Know What To Do With Myself These Days

I just don't know what to to with myself where I live there's no one so I don't return home and I don't know what to do with myself these days take a walk through images from a past I hate ever since I've been born misplaced tried to wipe out my trace but nothing will keep me from melting into it when I'm alone there is something that I won't listen to sleep takes me to depths I can't explore step out on the floor hear myself close the door and what now - I remember something but I just don't know what to do with myself these days we tried all we could and still never stood a chance on life so far so we better fade into memory and I don't know what to do with myself these days
(made up in the studio one day when nothing went anywhere, a slight flash-back to the comics and pop music, possibly initiated by the release of the second oasis album; the lyrics were based upon richey edwards, who had just disappeared; maybe i was trying to imagine what he felt like when we were on tour together)

I Just Wait (yet to be transcribed)

Ideal Future Ideal

We don't give a damn 'bout what you got for us We don't care who's guilty we don't need your fuss We're too low for reasons we're too high for drugs money is a bad example won't be in our way Give us back the world we'll paint it white We believe in things you've never seen History may tell us what has been Nothing is too wrong to put it right we don't need your yesterdays but sure we'll take the blame blow your whistle you can't lead us we're too wild to tame yes it's on the television repeated every night sitting on your sofa you will see it black and white We believe in something you can't buy you may call it solidarity We believe in things that you can't bite and you'll never put us right
(should have been some kind of anthem with a distinct sixties mod feeling; lots of images of class warfare here, very one-dimensional though)

Living In Empty Houses

The sun so cosily kisses you deadly cats a shadow past never forgets video dreams in empty houses people too scared to leave sit there for years indulged in memories motorized epiphanies water's edge for fantasies dead eyes never held back the tears our kid mouths off in America screening time paraphernalia cast a shadow time never forgets locked-up knowledge never opened more than life can ever suck up
(a song that was not composed or written but just played while we were recording "burn future burn"; i just told vale to start the tape, then we started on a open g major chord, the rest fell into place; lyrics made up later while overdubbing vocals (there was an issue of nme lying around with liam gallagher on the front cover, the headline being "our kid mouths off in america" of course), piano riff also)


He cries / all gone again Still it shines like a diamond in the desert sun We see / all gone again Silver moon shining like a menthol loom Echo / all here again Like ghosts in a midsummer sunday street City / all visible No cars no one speaks out here Breathing warm August air Rain down frozen in the atmosphere Make up for a coloured night Far out on the tiles in bright neon light Walking in his sleep again No name to give the face a history He cries all gone again Lemon window painted on a velvet sky Like stationary travellers Guests of life we kiss with wounded lips Silver snakes in satin green Looked on gently by vanilla sun A wider space than anyone Has ever seen We see what we wanna see Tinted lace / eyes in coloured haze Like stationary travellers/voyagers Guests of life we kiss with wounded lips
(this song was initially called "this sobering reality" (about an unhappy marriage and the sad life of ordinary married women) and recorded for "let's pretend we're there"; then it was completely reworked: we erased to old vocals and most of the guitars, i made up new lyrics and a new melody, and lots of echos were added to make everything lighter and less blur-ish; new version included on "utopia" ep)

Morning Song (Flowers/Faces/Fingers)

Dawn breaks / I keep crawling / on the floor / I break and spill myself / tear and fade / away / night falls / I keep coming down / creamy white diamond powder / blows my head / I drift away / nightward / I see the flowers of the morning / smell the fingers of the dead / give me your hand and tear me out of here Soft and sweet / taste your lips / your tender / fingertips / take me away / take me with you / take me on your wings / take me away / I see the faces of the morning / I smell the flowers of decay / open my eyes and show me a way I'd like to know how it feels / to ly broken (be buried) under your wheels / I wanna know / if love is real
(a very old song that i wrote in the mid-eighties and pulled out when we needed an epic track to end "let's pretend we're there"; not included on any album for sounding too "american" and, erm, epic)

Offensive (Meaning! Meaning!)

Relieve repack remnant repartee martyr marvel master and me triple trite trigger trifling croon cross crumple dry fling Anasazi creek deadpan (burntout) rebound fluid fluster flubdub flimsy nation neck negation pimpsy throng thrill threshold border witless wonky workman order Anasazi creek deadpan (blownout) rebound out out all gone new start where from out out all gone new world don't come
(another early track, written in an anti-melodic mood; the lyrics were basically written by looking up words from a dictionary; recorded for "let's pretend we're there", not included on any records for sounding too "american" and funky)

Out There (The Loveless Europeans)

She moves orbitally round the things we see never touches anybody She likes to be on her own a brilliant nothing I collect infinities in our little room haunted by tomorrow Out there we belong to nothing we don't even care You might see the stars in her eyes as she turns around surely doesn't notice you you might despise people like us but people like you can never understand us Out there we belong to nothing we're not even scared all of the others they look so strange like never, never before as we step on the shore we could have known better kiss the sky goodbye kiss the sky goodbye so vain, so cracked and pale like chalk dressed down to pure existence she never touches anybody we go wearing our uniforms laughing at the black wall now nowhere is here she likes to be on her own a brilliant nothing
(in a way the dcr anthem, summing up everything we stood for in the late nineties (written in 1996, i believe); musically influenced by two specific early manic street preachers singles (the intro, of course, quotes the heavenly version of "spectators of suicide") and the buzzcocks' "everybody's happy nowadays")

Second Second Second Minute

Shifting the drifters Left into right Remember the faces Now let's get emotional Beehive attraction Step in the light Can't put your hands on Things you see Second second second minute Days days days turn turn turn turn and Count to eleven - miss the point again Count to seventeen - now let's get natural Whirlwind attraction - drift with the shifters Can't keep your eyes on things you touch Second second second minute Days days days turn turn turn turn and
(written at work; recorded for the "utopia" ep, also included on "everything is so beautiful")

75 Poem

Teenage dreams haunt you longer than you know like sidewalk faces follow every way you go but it's alright yeah it's alright I told you so Saw you dancing on the corner of our street barefoot splashdive in the July morning heat heard you sing to yourself and turning round Got passed by the controller said walking through relics that don't remind me send me a postcard without an adress I'll never find out where you've been Saw you smile in the corner of my eye in a far east hotel room I let memories pass by I just can't wait to see you shine Another signal the controller said fading through ideas wasted and forgotten display me distribute me I'll get lost I'll never find out what you've done
(should have been the only pop song on "burn future burn" (but wasn't) and the third of four ep's in 1996 (but wasn't); can't exactly remember what it's about (possibly 1975))

Sleep No More

Landscape landscape Blistering sight Echo in my eyeballs As it turns to night Symbol symbol Swimming on my tongue Spit it out squirm it out I just erased the tape Sleep no more Ashes ashes Dusted on my face While I was sleeping on the moon Awoke and left no trace Pictures pictures Shining from the screen All of them are screaming at me Idle is too clean Sleep no more Idle is too wired Idle is too soft Idle is too real Idle is too clean
(influenced by elasticas first album, included on "utopia" ep and "everything is so beautiful"; the guitar intro was replaced by real beer bottles "tuned" with water)

Small Town Superstar

Hooray the monster in our living room greet the day of perfect birth hanging faces bones all smashed sacrificed to bullets where from I lean back and slide into what I'd never thought I'd slide into nothing left nothing left entertainment soul engagement Hooray the monster inside our brain invading sleep program control walking your feet moving your head decide what to like and what to hate I lean back and slide into what I'd never thought I'd slide into nothing left nothing left entertainment soul engagement
(recorded for "let's pretend we're there", later rejected for being too "normal")

Teenage Warhead

all dressed up and nowhere to go brightly coloured faces scene set for a second-hand life shameless steps on dirty dirty dirty ground of yesterday's future dreams nothing is real how do you feel with your 21st century dead on arrival clenching fists a metal kiss in life-size TV reality shrinking identity so young so beautiful we're coming out of the dark tonight fuck integrity wearing or own lives tonight gloryless heroes you love all dressed up ... Taking pills to drive us to tears everything gone up in flames streets like rivers swimming stolen cars everything goes up in flames
(i tried to recall the feeling of very early new wave, when glam and punk were still very much mixed up; recorded for "burn future burn" with incredibly bad vocals, later sped up but not re-recorded (not until now, that is))

The Big Idiot Parade

Parading for a coach trip to the southern shore they come made up set up geared up tight chose to take a backseat for a passionate ride a tearful rift at halfway party Patsy seemed objectionable but she proved right though I'd prefer Justine yeah the rollercoaster started in a big ball rush leaving everyone just puzzled all along the way see you on the other side tabloids investigate while police keep out no-one suffered lack of powder naughty and adventurous at million-pound rates who would reject the change see you on the other side If you thought you'd seen it all I'll take you to more but keep your safety-belts on don't get too engaged we'll let you drop if we're lusty and the ground is very hard She collected first-day covers in her little bag cast them overboard when we sailed for Tangier sitting in a cariole she broke out in tears burned the bridges from her youth
(a song about the brit-pop scene and the hype around it (note Justine Frischmann and Patsy Kensit being mentioned to make sure which side we were on), the last lines derive from the point, bringing in some, erm, blurred personal memories; recorded for "burn future burn", though icluding it wasn't the best idea in hindsight)

The Ice Storm

For a moment I remember everything I've ever seen then it fades into yellow and leaves me hanging inbetween shades of dismissal torrid wind through worn out memories Itinerary body prodigal of yesterdays imposing himself with a lack of reliability shellshocked in error nursing a child no one's ever seen Someone walks by fading to yellow in the ice storm Masturbating penetrating sputter mess machine cover roses skin illuminate sudden progress shades of dismissal nothing on account of purity Squandermania in colours give away your rakish smile something flickered for a moment then was gone for a long while dying in anger the parody-of-life parade we love Someone walked by fading to yellow in the ice storm
(very early dcr track, initially written for the comics as some kind of "alternative country song", then remodelled to hark back to our (or: my) punk roots; recorded for "let's pretend we're there" (seamlessly following "what a glorious failure"), then included on "burn future burn" (while mastering the album we found out it was recorded much too loud)

The Sleeping Mirror

The forgotten emptyhandedly bears the unforgettable and from the unforgettable we are born
(like "living in empty houses", this one was made up while recording it; the lyrics - a quote from German author Hermann Broch that i translated into English - were added later)

This Is Hell

So this is hell you say If this is hell I got to pay This is hell you say Tell me how many jerks you fooled today So this is life I know or at least you told me so A flock of apes around me Must 've been a million I saw today So this is hell So this is paradise One more bag of lies I won't believe in a four-wheel god so maybe I'm just damned to see that this is hell right now around me like the stable of a sow Why don't you leave and let me think it over dream about it write a song and sing it to the world
(originally a very late comics song, then reworked acoustically for the narcotic brothers, then recorded for "let's pretend we're there", but left off further records; the narcotics' version is included on "the storm is over")

22nd Century

Now what is it gonna be with your 22nd century will you throw stones at me if I said it's never gonna be Now what are you gonna say if I told you 'bout Marx today might be a valuable pursuit for your 22nd century Now the circle is squared machines run 30 hours a day can you project yourself into your 22nd century
(some kind of political statement, very simple though; recorded for "everything is so beautiful" immediately; later, when trying to play it again, we found out how complicated it is ...)

Urban Happiness Revisited

Life is nothing you can see and it means a lot to me where is all we had slogan memory left for dead I hit you back and you know why pray for nothing close your eyes splattered on pages of loveless day diaries Revolution obligees more than a dream for a local scene I slept for a billion days sleepwalking summer breeze souvenir landscape lost ingredients of youth Radio memories nervously exhausted smile splattered on pages of loveless day diaries Revolution obligees more than a dream for a local scene pale skin in tight fit ideals burn future burn we love your face
(dcr anthem of the mid-nineties, the last line supplying the title for our first album (on which it was not included though); recorded for the first dcr ep; we used to close our live shows with this one for a long time, now we usually start with it)


Step out for the new parade Nothingness in bright estates The air-age welcomes everyone Genetic differences gone Silver jet painted sky Trickle trickle trickle die Sun will never rise again and Dawn fades to another dead end Supersonic memory Leaning from a balcony Watch a moon I can't remember Quiet men in late december Talking in a different language Close my lid one stitch Wide-angular scenery Need for a new theory See you in Utopia Welcome to Utopia In sudden slow motion Time becomes an ocean White cloud factories Pumping for eternal peace Hiding from a desert storm Purple skin in uniform Phosphene Man machine Golden lining Somewhere there's a siren whining See you in Utopia Welcome to Utopia Laughing I keep laughing I keep Laughing I keep laughing I keep
(i tried to put some chords together that normally don't fit together, it worked quite well; recorded, of course, for the "utopia" ep, also included on "everything is so beautiful")

Walking After Dark

Now the catwalks are all empty Just a slight echo remains In the nightly cellar caverns From the Hollywood parade Our brightly mirrored faces Cut up by shadow blades Seek for time with empty eyes A horde of one-night ready-mades We go walking after dark We go roaming in the city We go walking after dark On the streets of yesterday And you wake up in the afternoon To find a virgin life in coloured glass While anonymous men sweep the sidewalks And the air is breathing years We go walking after dark We go straying in the city We go walking after dark On the streets of yesterday
(it should have sounded more "english" when it was recorded as a "b-side" for "urban happiness revisited"; max fellmann did a "munich disco sound" remix for the "atlantic waves" ep, but the included version was not as good as the first one he made (it was not mentioned on the sleeve to add a little "mystery"))

We All Know And We Walk In A Close Line

A blind sign a secret wish deafening silence sleep without wake departure to nowhere the station is empty memory faces rust on the trails Days on spiders' feet rush by a window no one will open. And while we look out we remember. There is nothing to see so nobody speaks his mind. A building remains from what the future promised to give. And there is nothing to be recieved but we all know and we walk in a close line. no one remembers cause no one's alive deafening silence sleep without wake
(recording "everything is so beautiful" was a very long process with very long breaks in between; this one was some kind of a "one-off" during one of the breaks (in winter), which explains why it sounds totally different from everything else on the album; you might spot some morrissey influences here, but you don't have to)

We Believe In Nothing

So here you are and I've seen you before and I know what you're here for and I begged for it too While we stare at the screen life becomes a role model and we act inbetween and we act inbetween We don't believe in anything all we believe in is nothing A step out the door stare at the floor remodel the past I don't belong here We don't believe in anything all we believe in is nothing No new sunrise renascence deafening nothingness fanfare puritan thought control purgation we don't belong here
(another dcr statement; based on the song "augen zu bis es kracht" which the comics recorded for the "ready - steady - comics!" ep in 1984; should have been the last of four ep's in 1996, included on "burn future burn")

What A Glorious Failure

What a glorious failure what a glorious failure what a glorious failure what a nice little try what a loss in extension what a grin it leaves on our faces I wait for nothing no more too late to step out of my mind
(recorded for "let's pretend we're there, but never issued; sums up the comics' history)

White Summer

When the show is finally over what will we believe in when the blows up papers that just turned into yesterdays' When the stage is empty what remains for us to see all the colours have turned pale nothing to hold on but our hands I'm the one who put the boot in I'm the one who paid the price I'm the one who spent a year in I'm the one who gave a slice With our future wearing paperthin what remains for us to see all the colours have turned pale nothing to trust in but our hands We're the ones who were forgotten We're the ones who got passed by We're the fifth wheel on the world car We're the ones who should deserve a slice
(a mixture of influences from roxy and suede to velvet underground, and therefore a total mess; probably the most-reworked dcr song; included on "burn future burn" though nobody liked it except me)

Wire (Blue Messiah)

(Pink Flag ad lib.) Be reasonable - demand the impossible
(you may guess the intention; it should have sounded completely different, but was included on "burn future burn" nonetheless)