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the dead city radio discography

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"everything is so beautiful" LP (2/03)

crash (unconscious) / sleep no more / out there (the loveless europeans) / utopia / dead silent / below your city your city below / blast off backwards / second second second minute / we all know and we walk in a close line / 22nd century / everything is so beautiful / abandoned on the expressway / "heroes"

note: an extremely limited number of hand-made pieces appeared around 2000/2001; official edition is newly mixed, remastered and features some extra tracks. almost sold out! inlay quote from andy warhol: "we were seeing the future and we knew it for sure. i saw people walking around in it without knowing it, because they were still thinking in the past, in references of the past, but all you had to do was know you were in the future, and that's what put you there. the mystery was gone, but the amazement was just starting"

rivolta musica/agressive noise/ schlecht & schwindlig


"out there (the loveless europeans)" EP (7/02)

out there (the loveless europeans) / living in empty houses / i just wait / unknown heroes / black parrots

note: promo and fan edition only, will not be reprinted; inlay quote by gore vidal: "by artificial light the colours were lurid and unconvincing, as though the flowers had been made of bright paper and gleaming"

rivolta musica rm05


"utopia" EP (2/99)

utopia / second second second minute / sleep no more / below your city your city below / mirage / the sleeping mirror

note: individually numbered 001-500; sold out, will not be reprinted; inlay quote by michel foucault: "visibility is a trap"

I Hate Music IHM 05CD


"burn future burn we love your face" LP (3/98)

atlantic waves / the big idiot parade / the ice storm / 75 poem / living in empty houses / wire (blue messiah) / we believe in nothing / teenage warhead / i didn't know / a naked man's dream / white summer / electric city / i just don't know what to do with myself these days

note: sold out (sometimes pops up on ebay), might be reprinted in 2006 or some time; booklet and inlay contain quotes from patti smith, mangelos, max ehrlich, roger shattuck, jonathan raban, malcolm mclaren, "king mob echo", colette, kazimir malevich, max beckmann

TUG Records TUG 081


"atlantic waves" EP (7/97)

atlantic waves / ideal future ideal / electric city (orig.) / cloud bursting / we go walking (fleischer mix)

note: "lp style" sleeve with sylvain sylvain quote on inner sleeve: "i think when i was 16, i thought everything would blow up by the time i'd be 20"

I Hate Music IHM 02CD


"urban happiness revisited" EP (5/97)

urban happiness revisited / walking after dark / strychnine / i didn't know

note: "lp style" sleeve with guy debord quote on inner sleeve: "toutes les révolutions entrent dans l'histoire, et l'histoire nén regorge point"

I Hate Music IHM 01CD



MISCELLANEOUS - compilations etc. (in reverse time order):

"the smart club" LP (1997)

(come) slide with me

note: title misspelt on sleeve (no brackets) - also involved: ultra violet, miles, sportfreunde stiller, jel, splendid, fervent rosegarden, cat sun flower, the chamberdeacons, the vertical orange car crash, merricks, throw that beat! a.o.

Blickpunkt Pop BP 005


"tribute to simon '77" LP (1997)

death or glory / messiah

note: tribute album to old friend who died in november 1996, also features "the frozen ones" by sailer's first band tollwut - also involved: scum, sigi pop, sortits, rockin' bone, daniel rock, condom, garden gang, melody lee, fkk strandwixer a.o.

schlecht & schwindlig 007


"komm küssen kompilation #3" LP (1997)

i didn't know

note: came with fanzine of same name - also involved: pop tarts, lazuli, fact, arj snoek, isar 12, station 17, butterside down, ladies love knarf rellöm, schorsch kamerun, mobylettes, umajets a.o.

(no nr.)


"feierwerk sommerfest" LP (1998)

75 poem

note: issued for summer festival, fascist cover aesthetics not approved by dcr - also involved: cat sun flower, bananafishbones, homosupersapiens, the motorpsychos, sigi pop, brand a.o.

chiller lounge records chill 13


"prima leben und stereo" LP (2000)

out there (the loveless europeans)

note: title misspelt on sleeve, tray included "nil" cigarette - also involved: mazda 929, les dickinsons, isar 12, sonic flowers, pelzig, big jim, floor, the motorpsychos a.o.

plus BB8570


"Günther Koch Revisited - Voll in den Mann" LP (2001)

es geht los

note: remix compilation based on original voice samples by günther koch, dcr track based on an instrumental playback originally titled "praktish"
also features "ich will das nicht mehr" by narcotic brothers - also involved: sparks, lions den dubshower, hans platzgumer, loopspool, jennifer minetti, hans nieswandt, caspar brötzmann, dj hell, sportfreunde stiller a.o.

intermedium rec. 007


"punk over munich vol. 1" LP (2001)

22nd century

note: vinyl and cd versions available - also involved: the reekys, thee electric g-boys, condom, the rancors, politicians, lustfinger, analstahl a.o.

aggressive noise 004


"intermedium from 1 to 2" LP (2002)

es geht los

note: label compilation - also involved: andreas ammer, hans platzgumer, console, thomas meinecke, philip jeck, sparks, dj spooky, thomas harlan, romuald karmakar, chrislo a.o.

intermedium rec. 013


"kruzefix - kreizkruzefix - 30 top-hits der singles 1998-2002" (2002)

i just wait

note: track previously available on vinyl ep that came with fanzine - also involved: the monochords, dumbell, fkk strandwixer, district, analstahl, robert, bluekilla a.o. - also featuring "schleichdi ede!" from minga mob, which was produced by sailer (who also plays some of the guitars and sings some lines alongside members of ZSD and CS)

aggressive noise 010

note: some other compilations (most probably) exist (namely one called "Kultzone"). But as no one of the band has ever seen one them them, they can't be featured here